Centrally located in Seattle’s SODO district, MysteriousRedX has been a deep-cut hub for musicians over the last 20 years! We have been home to countless incredible records, and the list continues to grow.


In an age when records can be made anywhere at any time, many of Seattle’s most beloved Artists, Producers, and Engineers continue coming back to this space. There’s something very special within these walls. And when paired with our collection of vintage analog & digital gear, amazing records are created here without breaking the bank.


Over the years, the studio’s torch has passed through many hands; each time, opening the doors to a new wave of rising artists emerging from the Pacific Northwest’s diverse music community. Even amidst Seattle’s rapidly shifting economic climate, MysteriousRedX lives on as a home for artists to thrive because of our love for creativity.


We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate any/all of your recording needs, day or night. The studio is available for both full and half-day sessions, as well as hourly when you all need is to knock out that perfect vocal take or guitar solo.


The delicacy and vulnerability of songwriting, and the recording process, are deeply understood by everyone here at MysteriousRedX. We appreciate and welcome any type of sonic expression that comes through our door, and respect the minds who create it, no matter how they identify. 


We are an inclusive, judgment-free space.

Inclusivity means; there is no room for phrases or tones that reflect prejudiced, stereotyped or discriminatory views of any type of particular person or group. 

We believe words have power.

Everyone deserves the utmost respect and freedom to make this space their own.


We’d love to have you come check it out for yourself!


Contact us to schedule a tour or discuss your next project.

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