The Days of COVID-19

These are difficult times for artists. The looming uncertainty around our live music environment is deeply troubling. But, we all need music. Now more than ever.

According to Washington State, "Artists and musicians providing services through streaming or other technology" are considered an Essential Service

MysteriousRedX is offering the following ways to continue spreading the gift of music throughout the world while we get through this, together.

Affordable Live Performance Videos:

High-quality video, with a minimal cost of $100, for you to share with your fans. Artists have been using these to generate donations while we can't go out to live shows right now.

Donation-based recording sessions: 

Times are tough. Musicians need to focus on paying rent rather than paying to make a record.

We are offering special donation-based pricing to track and mix a single. We feel this time will spawn a lot of amazing music. Let's capture that new song you've written in isolation for your fans to hear!

Yes, we need to pay rent for the studio. But being a creative refuge for artists to focus their energy on something positive during these dark times is more important to us.

If you can afford to throw a few bucks at keeping these doors open, that's great. If not, don't let it be a deterrent from putting something special out into the world right now. 

Live Streaming:

We will soon have live-stream capabilities for artists to perform directly to fans with high-quality audio and video. We will keep you posted when this is fully functional.

Please note: We know everyone must take caution when leaving their homes.

For safety, we keep our crew to a bare minimum, and the studio gets well sanitized before/after every session. 

So, when you're comfortable - we are here for you. 


Rates include room + house engineer.

Please contact us if you plan to use your own engineer.


MysteriousRedX thrives on word of mouth. Please reach out to learn about referral discounts for you and your friends.


Contact us to schedule a tour or discuss next your project.

For engineers/producers interested in working out of MysteriousRedX, please reach out.

Our doors are always open to new engineers who want to make us their home! 

Full Band Live Tracking
Vocal Sessions
Soft-synth Production (Ableton, Logic)
Demo sessions*
Band Rehearsal*
Video/Photo Shoots*
Live Streaming*
If your songs need additional instrumentation, we are happy to connect you with our close circle of amazing session players who can bring your tunes to life. 
FULL DAY  - 10 hours
Friday-Sunday - $500
Monday-Thursday - $450
HALF DAY - 5 hours
Friday-Sunday - $275
Monday-Thursday - $250
Daytime 8 AM - 10 PM: $75/hr (2-hour min)
Overnight 10 PM - 8 AM: $60/hr (3-hour min)
*Please inquire for more details
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